Services 1 - Palm Tree

Individual / Small Group Coach

Do you find yourself making decisions now only to realize later that it was not the best decision? Maybe you encounter roadblocks standing between you and your goals. Take charge! Carla works with individuals and small groups to draw out their wisdom and insights. Become 'unstuck' and navigate life’s obstacles. Contact Carla to begin your new journey to reach new levels of gratification in your life.


Services 2 - Foot prints

Featured Speaker

Is your group or organization ready to be inspired? Carla lights the spark in audiences to be inspired and self-motivated. Participants visualize their potential and are re-energized. Carla embraces audiences of every size with her warm, relatable personality, engaging them with her personal stories that share her real-life struggles and victories. Sessions are interactive, dynamic and memorable.


Services 3 - Raft

Facilitator / Consultant

Does your team spend more time “talking about it" rather than taking action? Carla works with leaders and teams to reveal their thinking, ensuring that each voice is heard. Teams are drawn to a united vision with camaraderie and momentum. Conflicts are resolved. Contact Carla to help your team come to a consensus and achieve desired results.


Services 4 - Sun and cloud

Mentor / Spiritual Coach

Do you want to find a deeper relationship with God and experience the peace which surpasses all understanding? That same peace guards your heart and your mind. (Philippians 4:7). Carla is passionate in helping individuals find their way to a deeper relationship with God. Her clients begin to recognize God’s presence in various aspects of their life, forming a deeper and trusting relationship with Him. Contact Carla to discuss your aspirations to deepen your relationship with God. There are no limits!


Services 5 - Wheat

Church Consultant

Is your church growing by making disciples? (Matthew 28:19-20). Do first-time visitors connect? Carla walks alongside spirit-led church leaders helping them identify their gifts and discover their opportunities for growth. She then collaborates to establish strategies that embrace the congregation’s strengths. The resulting plan of action assists the church towards healthy growth. Contact Carla to help your church to begin a healthy journey of growth.