Choosing a professional speaker, coach, facilitator or adviser is something that should be done with care and caution. The comments below have been provided simply to help you determine if Carla is the best choice for you or your organization. For more details and contact information, please email your request



From the moment I met Carla I knew she was passionate about coaching and that passion has not ebbed as we have worked together! Carla keeps me on track to achieve my goals, using a variety of tools to help me define what I want to do, and helped me create a personalized plan of action to get me there.

Paula Dawes
Wellness Facilitator

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I have known Carla for over a year. She first came to me in March 2013 with the goal to run a 5K. I suggested the Cincinnati Flying Pig 5k on May 12. After she stopped laughing she looked at me and said “Okay, I’m in.” Eight weeks later Carla crossed the Cincinnati finish line bearing a huge smile. Thirteen months after that day, she finished her first half marathon.

It’s hard to find a professional who doesn’t mask their everyday struggles and accomplishments, however Carla made it clear to me as her personal trainer that she indeed had to overcome obstacles just as any other person would. It wasn’t any easy task. Every day I am sure Carla had beat everything that was telling her “you can’t do this.” Through her own determination and strong character Carla achieved what she set out to do and she now uses her own journey to guide others.

Jamie Hoffpauir, MSW, AFAA-CPT
Wellness Coach

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Over the last few years, Carla has been extraordinarily supportive, motivating, and inspiring while helping me focus on what is important to me and how to get where I need to be in life. Carla helped me to not be so overwhelmed, and helped me work through a very tough time. Through various conversations and exercises, she helped me find my path. Carla makes me feel important - she makes me feel that I can conquer anything I put my mind to. She has to be one of the most genuine, caring and inspiring people I know.

Michele May
HR Specialist
U.S. Dept. of Treasury / Fiscal Service

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I met Carla at a District 40 Toastmasters Conference. She is a very positive source of energy and friendship. We talked for hours one time. Her presentations are lively, involve the audience, and give practical tips for taking action to positively changing our futures. She is a very confident and polished speaker. I recommend her highly as a professional and friend.

Carla Clifton
Patient Registry Coordinator
Mount Carmel Health Partners, Inc.

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Carla is the kind of person you do not meet very often. She feels deeply and is an excellent listener. When you talk with her, she gives you her undivided attention. She is very easy to talk to and believes in being honest, upfront, and open to whatever you say. She is full of integrity, non-judgmental, caring and full of life!

Kathy Carroll
Licensed Agent/Owner
MetLife Auto and Home

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Carla worked for me a few years ago. Prior to that, I had met her when we collaborated on a system design project. Carla was always positive and upbeat. In fact, whenever our difficult jobs seemed hopeless, Carla could always see the positive side to the situation and make us laugh. To this day, I still associate Carla to some amusing situations that make me smile, even though she has been gone from my area for several years. She helps individuals find worthiness and fulfillment in their lives. I believe Carla has found her dream job and will be a success in coaching. This is what she was made to do - to inspire others.

Marti Johnson
Branch Manager
U.S. Dept. of Treasury / Fiscal Service

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I have known Carla for over 20 years as a good friend and former coworker. She is such a sincere, caring person! Carla offers encouragement in very trying situations, advice on how to move forward or to just be patient, and has always been such a great listener and support for me. It is inspiring to see that she has achieved her goal to become a Life Coach so that she can help others reach their goals as well. Carla has always been strong in her faith and passion to help people with whatever their need may be.   I am excited to see where her new venture takes her and to see the impact that she’ll have! 

Patricia Smith
PeopleSoft Apps Team Lead
Cru Global

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I have had the pleasure of working with Carla on an extended basis, both as a coach and consultant to her business. Carla is truly inspirational, a person of genuine and deep Christian beliefs, intelligent, thoughtful and organized. Her loving and caring development of relationships makes her a pleasure to know and work with. Her commitment to a productive and meaningful life and her ability to speak from the heart convinced me she is and will be a success at enriching the lives of others.

Glenn Petrosky
Petrosky Consulting Services

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I first heard Carla speak in 2011, and was immediately inspired to set goals and layout steps to achieve them. Her talk was about living the life you want to live, instead of feeling stuck in a situation. I have heard her speak numerous times at different events since then, and every time I feel a renewed sense of motivation to actively work towards my life goals. I still keep a duck on my desk that she used to illustrate motivation in one of her speeches to remind me to paddle fast and dive for my dreams. This past year I have taken some major steps to work towards those goals because of the inspiration from hearing Carla speak about her personal experiences.

Carla is very approachable, easy to talk to, encouraging, sincere, and caring. I have shared many personal stories and aspirations with her, and she has always been willing to listen and provide input on my endeavors. I still go to Carla when I want an honest opinion because I know she will be straightforward when she tells me her thoughts. Her feedback is delivered in an encouraging manner and is done so in a caring and loving manner that it is easily accepted.

Kathleen Secor Bland
Deputy Project Manager
Highlight Technologies, LLC

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It is always inspiring to hear Carla present. I first met Carla several years ago and have been continually impressed with her energy, her honesty and her motivational style. Carla connects with her audience whether it’s one on one or speaking to a crowd. Her genuine caring and compassion are evident as she helps you in your personal growth.

Carla truly listens to your hopes and needs and, speaking from the heart, helps you find the courage to take that first step and create a personal plan of action to have the life you deserve.

Bette Zwayer
Management/Program Analyst
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


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I consulted with Carla in 2007 and it was a great experience. From the first meeting to the presentation to our leadership team, Carla made everyone feel comfortable with the process. We knew there were some problems, and she was up front about those and was very respectful of all our feelings.

As the lead pastor, I found her approach very sincere and believe that this is more than a job to her; it is a ministry. Her appreciation for the Kingdom of Christ as a whole and our little part in that kingdom was obvious. When we began the process we thought, “It feels strange to pay someone to be critical of you.” When the process was over, we were very pleased that it was done in a very positive and inspiring way.

Seven years later we still are on track in implementing our strategic plan. We value her advice and her work even today. Buckeye Christian Church is a better and more effective church because of her work with us.

Stan Kirtlan
Lead Pastor
Buckeye Christian Church


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Carla is a very positive, energetic, and caring person. Instead of only thinking through issues, can think around, above or below the problem to truly get at the root cause. She has the ability to do this in a very non-threatening manner that will be appreciated. Carla is very dedicated and this will be reflected in the outcomes to anything that she accomplishes. Be prepared to go on a journey that will be a systematic well thought out plan, and help you deliver positive results towards your goals.

Michelle King
Sourcing Manager
Fortune 500 Company