Wait--WHAT did she say?

April 20, 2015

Wait–WHAT did she say?

Last week a beautiful soul said to me “I wish I were strong like you.” WHAT did she say? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Me strong? I don’t think so.

What she didn't know is that several months ago I came to the conclusion that my life, my struggles, my role as wife, as daughter, as grandma, as aunt, as sister, as friend AND owner of a new business far exceeded my physical, emotional, and spiritual abilities. Without God, I am toast, burnt beyond recognition.

My friend’s comment sent me on a contemplative journey. If not strength, then what? You see, my friend assumed I was strong based on my calm, joyful attitude in spite of my physical adversities I deal with (see earlier articles).

Pondering the past few months, few years, this comment made me realize how much my faith had increased. I have done some heavy lifting to draw closer to God, and I like the results! My trust in Him has grown, my faith has grown and, though I hadn’t even realize it, my fears were fading!

Maybe you don’t have fears, but I have had enough fear for both of us. Up until the past several months, I have been afraid of being rejected, laughed at, talked about, failing, not pleasing other people, and so on….

My friend’s statement revealed that my lack of fear, accomplished through faith makes me appear strong. Wow!

I didn’t like being told my liver might have 10 years. I didn’t like being told I will live the rest of my life with a chronic colon disease. I don't like being tried and tested. What don't you like?

I do like, in fact, I CHERISH my deeper faith and stronger trust in Almighty God to provide me WHAT I need WHEN I need it, regardless of my need. It's a confidence that makes me stronger.

The first part of Deuteronomy 30 describes the incredible blessings “and more” the Israelites will receive if they simply love God with all their heart and soul AND keep his commandments. We, too, will be overcome by his blessings if we love and obey. Love engulfs trust! Trust evokes strength.

God challenged me to dig deeper into understanding and rely on the Holy Spirit to overcome my fear. How is God asking you to grow your faith?

Praying your faith grows and strengthens you as you continue your journey in life.


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