July 11, 2015

                                                          it controls you

Do you find yourself stressed beyond your wits’ end?  Do you allow stress to drive your daily life?  Unmanaged stress is an emotional cancer that eats away at our hearts, minds, spirits and energy.  In other words, unmanaged stress can literally DESTROYS us.

Is there anything good about stress?  YES!

If you see a bear sizing up you and your friend for his next meal, you want to be stressed!  This kind of stress triggers adrenalin, enabling you to run faster than you have ever run before!  Remember, you need only run faster than your friend, unless the bear is extra hungry.


Do you notice how tired you are at the end of a stressful day?  How do you feel a day later?  A week later?  I used to feel exhausted, distraught and, sometimes, depressed.  Then I dreaded the fact that I was going to have to do it all over again next week.  Our physical bodies react to stress by releasing adrenalin in our body, and then it’s all downhill from here – unless that bear is chasing you.  Because what goes up, must come down.  Stress pushes our adrenalin up.  When the adrenalin comes down, it brings everything with it.

As you know, I'm whipping my aging body into shape by working my biceps, my triceps, and all my other "ceps," that hold me together.  The other day I had an epiphany.  I had neglected one of my most important ceps, the “mind-cep.”  You won’t find “mind-cep” with Google, so allow me to explain.

I have chosen to take control of my stress by exercising my "mind-cep," and so can you!

The more we exercise our “mind-cep,” the more we can be in a state of mindfulness.  And when we take control of mindfulness, it doesn’t matter what is going on around us.  We are able to maintain control, composure and regulate our energy.  Goodbye stress!  


Carla's 3 Easy Steps to Flex your “Mind-cep”

Step 1:  Sit or stand up straight, wherever you are. Now, just breathe in through your nose at a comfortable pace.  How does it feel?  What do you notice?  How does the air movement feel as it enters your nostrils, making way to the depths of your lungs?  How is your body reacting to the introduction of each new breath?

Step 2:  Repeat Step 1 two times, for a total of 3 deep breaths.

Step 3:  Set timer or alarm on your smartphone to repeat homework every four to six hours during your day.

Friends, please, do this :30 exercise three to five times a day, every day. Make it part of your self-care to flex your “mind-cep.”

To strengthening your “mind-cep” and your synergy –


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