Celebrate the Small Steps of Change

February 17, 2015

Have you ever driven somewhere and realize when you arrive that you have no recollection of the journey? You can't remember making turns or passing landmarks with which you are familiar? Scary!

Last year my own series of small steps took me to a "new place." How I wish I would have understood years ago the monumental impact that small steps could have. I didn't have to be "superwoman" to accomplish change in my life. I simply had to take those first few steps and embrace the journey.

TBH: Large steps of change simply overwhelmed me.

If they do you as well, it's okay! I suggest that you adjust to change at your own pace. In fact, small steps help you actually experience the journey and celebrate your progress. Visualize crossing the "finish line," and remind yourself you CAN do this, one small step at a time! Accept your new path of change and be grateful for even the little positive changes you accomplish along the way.

Accept who are, celebrate how far you have come, and be excited about where you are going!

Ladies, breathe deep while you step out toward change, embrace it with a heart of gratitude and be prepared to experience both the unexpected and the anticipated blessings of your travels.

Own your dream for 2015 and your new goals. Embrace your new vision of YOU!

Wishing you God's speed, one step at a time!


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