And God Said, "Take It Back"

March 5, 2015

Has anyone ever stolen your joy?

I was thinking through a personal situation. Had not told anyone about it, except God. I painfully acknowledge God is not typically the first person I run to when I have been deeply hurt to the core of my being, but this time He was. For that, I am grateful.

Two days later as I sat putting on my running shoes, I heard a voice say "Take it back." What? "Don't let anyone steal your joy."

The Holy Spirit always knows when and what to speak! I was listening!

Wow, "Don't let anyone steal your joy!" That was exactly what I had been allowing.

As I thought about those words, I was reminded of Solomon's wisdom in Proverbs 4:23 "Above ALL else, GUARD your heart, for EVERYTHING you do flows from it." (New International Version). Emphasis mine.

Everything we think, ponder, speak, act on, etc., flows from our heart. Our heart is soooo vulnerable. We are told to guard our heart above all else, above everything.

When you are really okay on the inside with God, ya'll (you and God) can handle anything on the outside.

Okay, now you're thinking "great, but how do I do that?"

Glad you asked.

Paul gave us the answer in the Philippians letter. Philippians 4:7 "And the PEACE of God, which SURPASSES all understanding, will GUARD your hearts AND your minds in Christ Jesus." (English Standard Version) Emphasis mine.

In context, Philippians 4:4-7 instructs us not to be anxious, just make our requests known to God persistently with humbleness through prayer. Then the peace of God will guard our heart. How often do we complain without being clear on what we really want so we can ask Him?

After my painful situation and the Spirit speaking to me, I have a much deeper appreciation of the necessity to guard my heart and figure out what I want, then petition Him. Thank you Lord for telling me how to do that!

It's still a New Year!

"Take it back" my friend.

To your joy,


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